Otti: house keeper

tower defense, puzzle, hidden objects

Otti: house keeper is a game about defending your house from thieves and uninvited guests. Help Otti, a thief in the past, to get rid of ghosts of the past. Otti was cursed and can't contact with humans, so use traps, mechanism and logic to save Otti live and his gold. Every level - is a new building and specially designed puzzle, use your reaction and ingenuity to solve it.




A large selection of all kinds of traps, each with a unique mechanics of work. Launch ghosts, drop an anvil on the thief's head, use evil cacti and this is the lesser part of what you have to use.
It is not enough to set a trap and wait, you need to lure the thief into it. Manipulate the attention of thieves with sounds: hit vases and boxes, blow up barrels. Now they play by your rules.
Sometimes traps aren't enough to defeat a well-trained thief. Then mechanisms come to the rescue. Transport belts to deliver a stone directly to the head or a magnetic wheel to remove armor from a thief.
Otti has lost the keys to his safes, you will need to pass the safe cracking mini-games to get the coveted gold.
Collect all the gold to the treasury, fill it to the top. Find secret objects to replenish your treasury with unique items.


Project description

The project has started developed for the Golden Byte competition in 2017 year by me and my wife Natalia. After that Otti has to change the main concept so many times in searching for good play experience. And now you see the result. In the game, you should defend Otti's house from thieves that come to stole all his treasure and parallel you should find why all world starts to find Otti and how to help him.


In the Otti every new building - it's a new level. Levels are consist from 3 stages: the first stage where you should try to predict thieve behavior and place traps, the second stage where thieve in the house and you can interact with some stuff to achieve the goal - kill a thieve, the third stage where you should find all hidden treasures in the house to move it into the safe treasury.


Logos and capsules

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